Saturday, December 12, 2015

Happy New Year 2016 Popular Facebook Status Updates Quotes

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Happy New Year 2016 Popular Facebook Status Updates Quotes

Happy New Year 2016 Popular Facebook Status Updates Quotes

O my darling little one piece, 
The time has finally arrived. 
To flaunt you !!
Lets bring you out for your big
 debut this new year's eve!

I bet this is what everybody will be thinking, may be not now , but definitely after a few weeks down the line, what's new ? Same sun, same moon! Same day , same night. But everyday could be a new start and every night a novel party.

Never change your originality for the sake of others as its your world and no one in this world can play your role better than you. Be original and have a great year ahead.

Going to a wonderful, awesome, happening and beautiful getaway destination of this new year...with all comforts, with everybody I love ! !! 
My abode, my home.
Happy new year

I may not have met you or talked to you in the past year but on this new year's eve I wish you from the bottom of my heart... A very Happy NEW Year to you and your family !

The biggest cure for all problems is Patience. So this New Year I pledge to develop a lot of patience in myself so that I can overcome any hurdle with utmost ease.

Happiness is in the air, good lucks are everywhere. Gifts stuffed in every hand and free smile on every face. Wish you all a very happy and a prosperous year ahead.

Before 2015 ends, leme thank all the good people like you who made this year beautiful for me. I pray that you stay blessed with a wonderful year ahead!!

So many new year resolutions to be made and forgotten, so many feelings of the times gone by and so many ideas to turn around the future. May this new year be everything you imagined it to be ! Have a happy new year , everyone!

Oh man! Not this! I'm the only guy on earth not going to get any tonight!  Parents home ! ON NEW YEAR'S EVE! My 18th new year is SLIPPING AWAY JUST LIKE THAT! 

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